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Latex Gloves



Powdered Latex Examination GlovePowder-Free Latex Examination Glove
• Lightly powdered for easy donning
• Smooth textured surface
• Softness offers superior comfort and natural fit
• Light weight but durable
• Acts like '2nd skin' delivering comfort and tactile sensitivity
• Provides excellent feel for handling instruments especially carrying out task that require detail work
• Optimal tensile strength providing greater puncture resistance
• Effective barrier protection
• Durable for longer usage time
• Chlorinated powder-free provides excellent prevention for bacteria growth
• Eliminate chemical allergens, powder-induces irritation and contamination risk
• Micro-textured surface promotes excellent grip for usage during wet or dry condition
• Low extractable proteinHigh durability and good puncture resistance
Finishing: USP CornstarchFinishing: Double Chlorination / Single Chlorination / Polymer Coated
Median Weight: Various Weights (e.g. 5.0g, 5.5g, etc.)Median Weight: Various Weights (e.g. 5.0g, 5.5g, etc.)
Surface: Smooth, Full TexturedSurface: Smooth, Full Textured
Colors Available: Natural, Blue, PinkColors Available: Natural, Blue, Pink
Example of a Smooth Surface Glove:

Example of a Full Textured Surface Glove: